Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese
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A Word of Warning
Orthodoxy is a old as the Church itself, because it is the Church. The disciples and the apostles are traceable within our lineage. Their guidance and their wisdom are a major part of our life in the Church today.

While it is true that we have bishops, archbishops, metropolitans and patriarchs, there is only one true head of our church: Jesus Christ. He is our head, our savior, our only way into the kingdom of heaven, our respite and our joy. Everything else is but a lens or a glass used to behold Him.

That said, it is not easy to distill 2000-plus years of theology, hymnology, prayer, hagiography, martyrdom, mystogogy, liturgy, and practical living into a succinctly stated and clearly defined outline. The only way to truly understand the Orthodox Faith is to be Orthodox. It must be lived; it cannot be "intellectually apprehended".

The Internet provides a myriad of divergent opinions and assertions about the Orthodox Faith. Tread carefully. It is wise to read with as much discernment as you can muster. Better yet, it is wise to reflect on such things with the guidance of a priest, a spiritual father or mother, a godparent or some other Orthodox person who can help to sort the wheat from the chaff. There are no guardrails on the information superhighway; you must control your own trajectory.


Catechesis (Learning the Faith)