Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese
400 S. 6th Ave., Butler, PA 16001




Orthodoxy represents a tiny fraction of the American population. And yet, we know that we have something to share with the world: something good, something unique and inestimable, "the pearl of great price" which is Christ Himself and the risen life that is in Him. It's not that we are better than others, or that we "have" the truth, while others don't; but the mystery of God's dwelling with humans, and the foretaste of the Resurrection, made available to us in divine worship, in the teaching of the apostolic faith, and in the daily life of discipleship -- all of this is truly unique and invaluable!

Before going to speak to others, we are trying to embody the new life that is in Christ. There are many ways of doing so: we strive to make our common prayer beautiful. The Orthodox understanding of worship is that our Liturgy here on earth is an entry into the angelic mode of worship. This requires mindfulness, solemnity, and beauty. The space of worship should also be a reflection of heaven: this is why we give thanks for the work of our iconographer, Dollie Sipos, who has along the years added icon after icon to our church. Come and see!

Orthodoxy is not only worship, but also a teaching. We are trying to offer "food" for thought and for the heart to anyone interested in learning about Orthodoxy--members of our parish, inquirers, visitors, etc.  Please join us for our regular "Intro to Orthodoxy" presentations, which take place every two or three months and the regular Bible study, focussed on the parables of Christ. Come and see!

Together, doctrine and worship shape one's mind and heart, and affect our actions. But Orthodoxy is, first and foremost, a mode of life and action, a way of living and dying with Christ, so that we may also be raised with Christ. Despite our relatively small size and our limited resources, we are contributing to the work of helping the needy by partnering with other Christians, such as the Society of St. Vincent DePaul in Butler, and FOCUS (Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve) in Pittsburgh. Come and lend us a hand!

Finally, we love to break bread together on Sundays after Divine Liturgy. Coffee and donuts are nice; but sharing a real meal (and we know how to cook!) and getting to know each other, making and nurturing friendships is so much better ...  Come and see!