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This is more of an "insider" page, which provides music resources for the preparation of our services.  You are more than welcome to take a peek, of course.


Divine Liturgy booklet, text and music: HERE

Great Litany 

a. Tone 8, simplified: audio here

b. Antiochian (expanded): sheet music here, audio file here

Only Begotten, audio file here

Beatitudes, tone 5: sheet music here, audio file here

Trisagion, Tone 5 (Romanian melody): audio file here

Cherubic Hymn, tone 5: sheet music here, audio file here

Anaphora, tone 5: sheet music here, audio file here

Hymn to the Theotokos
a. Tone 5: sheet music here, audio file here 
b. Tone 8: sheet music here, audio file here

Resurrectional Troparia BYZANTINE
Tone 1: PDF; audio file
Tone 2: PDF; audio file
Tone 3: PDF; audio file
Tone 4: PDF; audio file
Tone 5: PDF; audio file
Tone 6: PDF; audio file
Tone 7: PDF; audio file
Tone 8: PDF; audio file

Resurrectional Troparia OBIKHOD
PDF (all tones); audio file (all tones)

Kontakion of the Annunciation, tone 8: sheet music here; audio file here.


GREAT LENT:                                           
Text and music for Week 2: here
Lenten Litany, tone 5: here
Now the Powers (the Cherubic Hymn for Presanctified Liturgy), tone 5: here. An alternative, a very, very simple version here                                                      O, Taste and See, tone 5: here

Alleluia + Behold the Bridegroom + When the Glorious Disciples + Bridal Chamber:
- pdf here, audio files: here (Behold the Bridegroom); here (When the Glorious Disciples)

The Twelve Passion Gospels: pdf here
Joseph with Nicodemus: pdf here, audio file here
The Noble Joseph: pdf here, audio file here
Let us bless Joseph: pdf  here
Lamentations: pdf here, audio files: First Stasis; Second Stasis; Third Stasis

Paschal Stichera ("Let God Arise"): Znameny Chant here; audio file here
Paschal Troparion ("Christ is Risen!"): pdf here, audio files: here (Byzantine), here (Russian), and here (Romanian)
The Day of Resurrection: pdf here
Sunday Orthros (Matins), text and music: here
Doxology, tone 1, here

Music for the singing of Psalms
Psalm 1-3, tone 8 here
Psalm 22, tone 5 here
Psalm 33, tone 1 here 
Psalm 102, Russian tone 1 here
Psalm 145, Russian tone 1 here 
Psalm 135, tone 5 here
Psalm 135, multiple tones here
Psalm Composite of Thanksgiving, tone 5 here
Psalm 148+149, tone 3 here


Great Vespers as a Reader's Service: here
Beginner's formulae for the Byzantine tones: here

BLESSED IS THE MAN, tone 8: here; audio file here.

LORD, I HAVE CRIED (V. Hadjinikolaou, audio and music sheet)

Tone 1: (audio); music sheet here;
Tone 2: (audio); (music sheet here;
Tone 3: (audio); (music sheet here;
Tone 4: (audio); (music sheet here;
Tone 5: (audio); (music sheet here;
Tone 6: (audio); (music sheet here;
Tone 7: (audio); (music sheet here;
Tone 8: (audio); (music sheet here.

Lord, I have cried (B. Kazan music sheet):
tone 1
; tone 2; tone 3; tone 4; tone 5tone 6; tone 7; tone 8.

Gladsome Light (Byzantine, tone 2): music sheet here ; audio file here.
Gladsome Light (Russian, by Dvoretsky): here

PROKEIMENON for Saturday evening (Byzantine, tone 6): here
PROKEIMENON for Saturday evening (Russian, tone 6): here

Hymn of St. Symeon (Byzantine, tone 6): here
Hymn of St. Symeon (Russian, by Archanghelsky): here